Welcome to the Sub-etha-network homepage, The Sub-etha-network project was launched in 2001 to develop a community. It should have all-in-one: Chat, file search/share, web based contactlist, and alot more nice functions. :D And ofcourse it should be 100% free! That's why we chosed the GNU GPL license,


PHP, Gtkmm gui: Emil Holmstr÷m (rage)
NCurses, manual: Tomas Larsson (sphinx)
Protocol,client/server core: - Jonas ┼dahl (toxic)

Current status

Server: it supports serverside contact list, serverside ignore list, private messaging, filelist uploading, file searching, user searching and more.
Library: file transfer and client-to-client communications are not fully implanted yet.
Gtkmm2-gui: Chatwindow, contact list window, docking abilities, send messages with the lib, add/remove contacts, text in color, search for users and files, and more..
Xterminal-ui: Chatwindow, contact list, send message with the lib.

Checkout the Sourceforge project page at:


cvs login

cvs -z3 co senetsv
cvs -z3 co libsenet
cvs -z3 co gsenet
cvs -z3 co csenet

An inofficial patch to Xterminal. GCC 3.2.x fix.



GNU GPL (link) and GNU LGPL (link)

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